Last year I was fortunate enough to head to London for a little staycation with the Fam. As we are unable to travel again due to covid restrictions, I have been reminiscing over the trip and how much fun we had! The Spencer Studio concept was fuelled by the city, and has been a great source of inspiration ever since.

London Mini-Break

It is the first time we have taken the children to London, mainly due to the fear of it being too busy to navigate with three little ones. Given the current pandemic, we were apprehensive to travel, but a change of scenery did us all the world of good, and it really felt like the mini break we all needed.

At times, it was eerily quiet. London has always been a favourite haunt of mine, particularly off the beaten track where you can find some real gems. As the traffic in the Capital wasn't heavy, we managed to safely walk to see all the main attractions like The London Eye and the (scaffold covered) favourite, Big Ben.

We spent time wandering in admiration of the architecture, and showing the kiddies our pre-children favourite spots, including a fabulous dinner at Sketch (my all time favourite restaurant) and showing them the insane egg capsules that double up as toilets. I feel so inspired to look outside the box when I am there, I truly hope to one day be able to grace their walls with an installation of my own. Dream big and all that!

It turns out I am the thing of legend at Sketch, given my, how should I put it, faux pas when expecting the twins over a decade ago. I cautiously scaled the stairs to make it to the loo, think bauble with legs, and managed to get there without too much trouble. Getting out of said egg shaped loo was not however that easy. In fact, I got stuck. Bump, boobs and all. Eternally grateful to the folks who came to my aid, the shame is still fresh as a daisy, unlike me!

The children found this particularly entertaining and it continues to raise a chuckle even now. What is it about kids finding parent faux pas so funny! Little monkeys!

The Tourist view of London

Due to the city being so quiet, we intentionally (!) decided to give the tourists hot spots a whirl. Previously, we would avoid these things, mainly because queuing and the Hubby are not the best of friends. As this was a once in a life time opportunity to explore the very best of the UK, we took the plunge and booked to do all sorts of fun things including the London Eye, The Shard, Tower of London and The Royal Mews!

Three Children at The Mews in London three children at Buckingham Palace London Three children outside Harrods, London


London through fresh eyes

My favourite day was the one we spent mooching through Tate Modern, and totally immersing ourselves in some incredible art installations. We then spent a glorious sun filled afternoon in Covent Gardens, with my youngest being the entertainment for many hours. If she isn't on stage I have no idea what she will do with all that drama! 

 The Taj Hotel London

 Neill Strain Floral Couture London Henrietta at Henrietta Street in London

Last, but by no means least, was my gorgeous first born found her name sake in a street, she quite rightly felt like royalty.

The journey home gave me the opportunity to do a lot of soul searching and day dreaming, and with that, The Spencer Studio was born.


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