The Face Behind The Spencer Studio

Helen is a Cheshire based Artist with a passion for creating unique, bespoke Artistic and Floral Installations across the UK.

Favouring metallic, textured abstract expression, Helen has a love for canvas pieces, utilising a range of different mediums. From acrylic paint to alcohol inks, Helen endeavours to paint timeless pieces that will be enjoyed by many generations to come.

All of the Pieces created by The Spencer Studio are unique, ensuring you will gain a bespoke piece to add to your collection. 

Helen also produces an extensive range of Floral Installations including Hoops and Flower Walls in The Spencer Studio. The fully bespoke service offered ensures the final product will meet, and hopefully exceed your expectations. As she can often be heard saying;

“The only limit is your imagination, and on the odd occasion, gravity!” 

Alongside The Spencer Studio, Helen is a wife, proud Mama to 3 and owner of 2 four legged friends. Pablo, a cheeky 1 year old cockapoo being her favourite Studio companion, who enjoys nothing more than stealing sandpaper and socks!

As well as painting, creating and endeavouring to succeed at parenting, Helen enjoys running, hoping that the endorphin buzz will tide her over another late night in The Spencer Studio.


Photograph of Studio Director at The Spencer Studio, Cheshire